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The Best Offers For Startup Founders Worldwide

The CrowdFunding Guide

The Best Offers For Startup Founders Worldwide

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The Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Worldwide

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We partner with platforms, companies and services that provide value to startups and investors in equity crowdfunding. If you have a strong value proposition for startups raising capital through equity crowdfunding and wish to partner with us as affiliates, your place is here.

CFG Testimonials

I regularly check on CFG to find interesting startup investments, particularly their exclusive offerings. I like the way CFG highlights the most interesting factors on a startup so that I can get the picture quickly. I don’t have time to go to events or attend webinars, so I hardly have any chance to get connected to great startups in person. It’s reassuring to know that CFG gives me the opportunity to connect directly to startup founders.

Mr. Yaron Kottler (UK)
Investor and strategic advisor, co-founder and past COO of Qualitest, co-founder at Inthegame

CrowdFunding.Guide has been my go-to place for finding great equity crowdfunding investments as it nicely articulated the various investments in an easy to understand format as well as presenting critical touch points that allow for informed decisions to be made.

Mr. Ijeoma Silver Nsaka (USA)
Sr. Network/CyberSecurity Engineer, Angel Investor

CrowdFunding.Guide is an important information hub for investors with an interest in the fast-growing equity crowdfunding space. It is also an excellent site for start-ups to reach out to potential investors. We know it because we gave it a try and got a great return. …we expect to be back for another crowdfunding raise and will rely on CrowdFunding.Guide to help us reach investors.

Dr. Arnold Leitner
CEO, Founder at YouSolar, Inc.
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