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CFG (CrowdFunding.guide) is a web portal and information hub on online startup investments. We help startup founders and investors learn about the best opportunities in equity crowdfunding.
Startups and entrepreneurs - we are here to help you increase your success on your equity crowdfunding campaigns. You are welcome to learn from the information on the website, and make use of the special offers and discounts that our partners offer our community.
Crowdfunding Platforms - we can help you reach more entrepreneurs and members. We would love to let our community learn about you. We are happy to partner and are particularly interested in offering discounts and benefits to our site visitors. You are also welcome to advertise on our website or buy a promoted position in our website.
Service providers in the equity crowdfunding space - we can help you reach out to startups and clients.

We are open to partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations with anyone who offers real, high quality value to startups and startup founders looking to raise capital through equity crowdfunding. Please contact us to learn more at:
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