CFG for Startups Looking to Raise Capital

CFG is an online platform where potential investors explore startup investment opportunities, particularly accredited investors. If you are looking for investors for your startup, you want to be on CFG.

For eligible startups, adding your Pitch Summary (listing) on CFG is absolutely free. We can do more than that and connect you directly with interested, accredited, angel investors.

The Advantages of Raising Money from Accredited Investors with CFG

The main purpose of promoting your capital raising campaign on CFG is to connect directly with accredited angel investors. Beyond the money, they often bring with them the added value of expertise, experience, and network. We believe that interacting with investors is a great way not only to raise capital, but to strengthen your network, gain insights, and improve your pitch and business plan.

Once your startup is accepted to use CFG as your fundraising platform, we will get you connected with accredited angel investors that are interested in your startup and expressed an interest to connect directly with you specifically. And while we do it we give you peace of mind, flexibility, freedom, and full control. It is also cost-effective and affordable.

Our advantages:

  • Real investors, real interactions:  Personal introductions to real, active angel investors that have seen your Pitch Summary on CFG and want to interact with you. These investors can bring along other investors, and often commit to investing well above your minimum accepted amount. 
  • Control your level of public exposure: Some startups want to reach angel investors but do not want their information or even the fact that they are accepting investments to be public. We will customize the listing and its visibility as per your request. For example, we can have your Pitch Summary visible or not to Google Search, have some or all of your Pitch Summary limited to only registered users, or limit it only to specific investors with password protection. 
  • No exclusivity or limiting clauses: When on CFG, you can choose to have your offering also presented on other platforms or your own website. 
  • No public count, no pressure: We do not display information about how much money you have been raising on CFG. You don’t have to worry about “showing momentum” on the campaign. 
  • No Time Limit: There is no time limit and no ticker pressuring you. You can have your CFG listing as an ongoing channel to bring in angel investors for as long or as little as you want. 
  • Cost efficient:
    For US startups: We take no brokerage fee and no carry, making it easier for investors to invest in your startup. With CFG you are paying for the leads, so the cost actually covers marketing. That makes us by far the most cost-effective option available, and we make it even easier with flexible payment options.
    Non-US startups: When introducing non-US investors to non-US startups, we are able to offer you a success-based offer, meaning that you pay us as a percentage of the investment you receive. The success fee is 4% of the investment in cash + shares equal to 2.5% of the shares sold.
    [Example: An investor we introduce you to invests $500K at a pre-money valuation of $2M, receives 1000 shares, and after the investment owns %20 of your company. Our success fee would be $20K in cash +  25 shares.]

Qualifying to Appear on CFG

CFG is a great place to find angel investors, so the startups that come on our platform are typically raising their seed money (including pre-seed and late-seed), or bridge rounds. CFG is for innovative startups, not for SMBs or alternative assets. For most startups, the relevant US regulation is Regulation D 506c.

To qualify for a listing on CFG startups are screened and selected based on the Five Startup Strength Indicators. We prefer startups that have at least two notable strengths out of the five, but for early seed or pre-seed startups even one of the Five Startup Strength Indicators would be enough. We are particularly interested in accepting startups that are recommended to CFG by one of our deal-flow partners. Our team also reviews startups for other aspects of their offerings, such as valuation, market opportunity, and “red flags”.

Join Us

If you have an innovative startup we welcome you to apply to our platform.There is no cost to apply. The best way is to contact us, and send us some information such as a one-pager. We might ask to have a call with you to better understand your offering and to decide whether your startup is a good fit for CFG. 

You can also fill in our application form by following the link here

If you have any further questions please look through our FAQ page

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