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iAngels Review

iAngels Review
iAngels is a unique equity crowdfunding platform that is a hybrid between a VC and angel investment firm. International investors get a chance to invest in a highly curated portfolio of innovative Israeli tech startups, or in the whole portfolio through a dedicated fund. Investors pay to a commission to invest, while startups that are accepted to iAngels need not pay.

Lucid IL

Lucid IL Review
Lucid IL is a boutique advisory firm offering investors unique access to Israeli startups. Startups are carefully curated, and the main criteria for their selection is: strong leadership, innovative technology, large addressable market.

EquityNet Review

EquityNet is a unique equity crowdfunding platform in that it provides patent protected analytical tools for both investors and entrepreneurs. They don't take part in the transaction, nor do they charge any success fee from either side. Instead they charge startups a subscription fee, for which they provide a platform to showcase the entrepreneur's business plan and pitch, and attract investors to view them on their site. They further help startups by verifying the investors' identity and accreditation. They are one of the first equity crowdfunding platforms in the US, and claim to have facilitated more that 300M$ of investments.


Keepers' app helps protect children on the web, by monitoring all the activity on their smartphones and alerting the parents in real time of any abusive or harmful behavior detected. They boast partnerships with international telecommunication giants and are on a mission to increase children's safety worldwide.

Crowdfunder (USA) Review

Crowdfunder Review
One of the more active and established equity crowdfunding platforms, Crowdfunder claims to have obtained USD 180m in investments commitments across 36,000 companies. Companies who seek investment via Crowdfunder are charged a fixed monthly subscription fee, but retain all funds invested – there are no charges for investors either. Crowdfunder only provides the marketing platform, but is not involved in the investment process beyond that.

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