Bambucorn is a regulated equity crowdfunding marketplace for investments in private securities, enabling early-stage ventures to raise equity financing by issuing tokenized securities through the platform. Bambucorn’s vision is to be a catalyst to encourage effective cross-pollination, allowing investors to access private equity deals in other geographies with legal structures that they are comfortable with, and vice versa.

Bambucorn Overview

Year Founded2020
Primary LocationDubai, UAE
SectorsSector agnostic

Bambucorn for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?Yes
International investors accepted?Yes, in the near future. Currently open to UAE based investors.
Cost to InvestorsFree
Min Investment$5,000
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionNo
Curated PortfolioYes

Bambucorn for Entrepreneurs

Cost to EntrepreneursThere is no upfront cost. Bambucorn only charges a cash fee on funds raised through the platform in the event the offering is successful. This fee will vary from issuer to issuer and will be discussed on a case by case basis.
International Startups Accepted?Yes

Bambucorn Highlights

Notable partners/investorsAngelBay, a wide angel network in India.
Success stories
Anything Else?
We are building a strong community of investors, issuers and experts through a pre-registration on our website.
Follow the link to pre-register –
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