CrowdChayne is a funding portal that connects investors to companies seeking capital. CrowdChayne’s founding team has years of banking experience, and they believe their network in the investment community give them the necessary advantage in bringing companies with high potential for an exit to their investors.

CrowdChayne Overview

Year Founded2020
Primary LocationNew York, USA
SectorsTechnology, Life Sciences, Fintech, Entertainment

CrowdChayne for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?No
International investors accepted?Yes
Cost to InvestorsNo
Min Investment0
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionNo
Curated PortfolioYes

CrowdChayne for Entrepreneurs

Cost to Entrepreneurs$10,000
International Startups Accepted?Yes

CrowdChayne Highlights

Notable partners/investorsWe are partnered with the Wealthblock Network as well as with CBC securites, we will also be adding new partnerships in the coming months
Success stories
Anything Else?Passionate about investing and have an open-door policy, they encourage everyone to call with any question and someone will be happy to speak.
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