iAngels is a unique equity crowdfunding platform that is a hybrid between a VC and angel investment firm. International investors get a chance to invest in a highly curated portfolio of innovative Israeli tech startups, or in the whole portfolio through a dedicated fund. Investors pay to a commission to invest, while startups that are accepted to iAngels need not pay.

iAngels Overview

Year Founded2013
Primary LocationTel Aviv, Israel
SectorsFinancial Services

iAngels for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?No
International investors accepted?Yes
Cost to Investors10% fee + 20% carry
Min Investment10,000$
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionNo
Curated PortfolioYes

iAngels for Entrepreneurs

Cost to EntrepreneursNone
International StartupsIsraeli startups

iAngels Highlights

Notable partners/investors
Success stories
Anything Else?
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