Mainvest allows anyone to invest in small businesses across the United States while simultaneously deploying community capital into the neighborhoods they live, visit, and enjoy. Mainvest aims to empower the future of brick and mortar retail & hospitality businesses by connecting local entrepreneurs with investors who are looking to diversify into a previously inaccessible asset class. More than $11M has been invested through the platform to date.

Mainvest Overview

Year Founded2018
Primary LocationSalem, MA, USA
DomainBrick and mortar businesses
SectorsFood & Beverage, Salons & Beauty, Cannabis, Breweries, Art Venues

Mainvest for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?Yes
International investors accepted?No
Cost to InvestorsNo
Min Investment$100
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionDebt crowdfunding
Curated PortfolioYes

Mainvest for Entrepreneurs

Cost to Entrepreneurs6% of investments
International Startups Accepted?No

Mainvest Highlights

Notable partners/investors
Success storiesOver $11 million have been raised on Mainvest to date, with the repayment rate from businesses being above 95%.
Anything Else?
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