Native Lead specializes in highly targeted lead generation. As such, they connect startups with accredited investors via organic LinkedIn. Native Lead developed a partially manual process to validate potential leads, and have database of manually selected public profiles of accredited angel investors. Some of the largest platforms such as Wefunder and CrowdCube partnered with Native Lead, which has been supporting many startups on their equity crowdfunding campaigns.
Nevertheless, their service is suitable for any company raising capital from accredited investors. In addition, they work with companies to help them generate more B2B sales and partnerships, by getting them in front of the right decision-makers. They are headquartered in Israel, while most of their clients are in the US and the UK.

Native Lead Overview


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SolutionLead Generation; Investor Network
Cost StructureMonthly Subscription Fee / Per Success (outside the USA)
Basic Cost (for reference)$2,599/month


Declared Competitive Edge
  • Religious on customer service and support – see our testimonials.
  • A huge (and growing) database of hand-selected public profiles of accredited investors.
  • Expertise in equity crowdfunding.
Notable Partners
  • Wefunder – the largest USA equity crowdfunding platform.
  • CrowdCube – the largest UK equity crowdfunding platform.
  • TISAtech – the leading platform for fintechs and financial institutions.
Public acknowledgments:
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