Netcapital set out to allow all investors to invest in private companies and create a diversified portfolio of tech startups. To do that they set a low investment threshold of 99$, and a secondary market to allow investors to liquidate their investments without waiting for an exit. They are accept international investors and only charge a fee from the listed companies, so there is no direct cost to investors. 

Netcapital Overview

Year Founded2014
Primary LocationBoston, MA, USA
SectorsSector agnostic

Netcapital for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?Yes
International investors accepted?Yes
Cost to InvestorsNone
Min Investment99$
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionYes
Curated PortfolioNo

Netcapital for Entrepreneurs

Cost to Entrepreneurs4.9%
International StartupsNo

Netcapital Highlights

Notable partners/investorsTechstars
Success stories
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