Neurohacker Collective is a well being food supplement company with millions of dollar in sales. It continues its growth since founded in 2015, and is backed by many influencers. It has been backed by crowdfunding on Wefunder in the past, with successful fundraising campaigns. They have a profitable subscription program, along with other distribution channels.

Neurohacker Collective – Overview

Year founded 2015
Revenues on last year reported (year) $6,624,934 (2018)
No. of employees 20
Amount raised on previous funding rounds: $5,904,643

Neurohacker Collective – Offering

Equity Crowdfunding Platform WeFunder
Investors accepted All
Minimum investment accepted 500$

Neurohacker Collective – Highlights

Founders with previous exits Jordan Greenhall is the former founder of Inc., Swell, Game B, and DivX.
Notable investors
Notable customers / partners
Patents none
Current Lead investor none
Anything Else? “Over $20M in lifetime sales; profitable in 2019”
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