Seedrs is the leading online platform for investing in the equity of startups and other growth companies in Europe and has been named the most active investor in private companies in the UK.

Seedrs Overview

Year Founded2009
Primary LocationLondon, UK
SectorsSector agnostic

Seedrs for Investors

Non-accredited investors Accepted?Yes
International investors accepted?Yes, however investors who are not from the UK or EU must prove to be accredited.
Cost to InvestorsNone to invest, 7.5% carry
Min Investment£10
Secondary Market / Other liquidity solutionYes
Curated PortfolioNo

Seedrs for Entrepreneurs

Cost to Entrepreneurs6% of total funds raised + £2,500 completion fee + payment processing fee
International StartupsUK or EU based only

Seedrs Highlights

Notable partners/investorsAugmentum Fintech, Techstars
Success stories
Anything Else?Sub Organization of Augmentum Fintech. Signed a merger agreement with CrowdCube.
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