TWO12 delivers a suite of software products to support founder’s equity management needs. Their tools provides startup founders with an easy way to visualize their cap table for themselves, their employees and stakeholders, and existing and upcoming investors. They are also able to project scenarios related to valuation, vesting and conversions. Other services include valuation assessment, forecasting, and 409A formation. They are on a mission to “connect and expand the startup ecosystem” and work closely with their clients and network.

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TWO12 Overview

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SolutionCap table and deal structure consulting
Cost StructureMonthly Subscription Fee
Basic Cost (for reference)$240 for a yearly subscription


Declared Competitive Edge
  • Flat price irrespective of number of shareholders. Removes messiness from cap tables for CF companies.
Notable Partners
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Use promo-code: CFGUIDE10OFF

10% off on TWO12



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